There are five levels of coaching available through USArchery.  A searchable webpage is
available by clicking on the following:

USA Coaches Searchable Database

Below you will find downloadable files with a list of New York State certified instructors/coaches

This information has been derived from the USArchery website and is current as of May 1, 2017.

The USArchery Training Program

The current certification program is commonly referred to as NTS which stands for National
Training System and is based on Kisik Lee's "BEST" System.  BEST stands for

Kisik Lee maintains a website to provide information on this method click on the following link to
view it:

KSL International Archery

Level I Instructors - PDF                              Level I Instructors - Microsoft Word

Level II Instructors - PDF                             Level II Instructors - Microsoft Word

Level II Instructor Trainer - PDF                  Level II Instructor Trainer - Microsoft Word

Level III Coaches - PDF                              Level III Coaches - Microsoft Word

Level IV Coaches - PDF                             Level IV Coaches - Microsoft Word  

Level V Coaches - PDF                              Level V Coaches - Microsoft Word